New Blog!

Hello all, many of you might already know me from flickr already. So I won’t introduce myself here again

(but will post it on ‘about’ when I’m not too lazy.)

I already own a blog in Thai, and joined zh3us for my English posts. But here, on will be focus on my Dollfie Dream. Since I don’t post any doll stuff on my Thai blog (Security Purpose). The rest of my English language posts will be still on zh3us.

80%++ pics of this blog will be doll pictures.  I did add pics on the ‘Dollfie Dream‘ group on flickr too, thanks for all comment that’s given to me. but I’m more used to blog things rather than add pics in to a bucket 🙂 ……….this blog is born. Older pics will be sometime post here too. Some of you might already saw them already. Sorry for repost lol, I will take lots of new pictures when I have time!

The look of this blog is still in beta stage, still looking for a nice WordPress theme to use. This one is quite easy to work with, but it lacks the header (nooooooo). So I’d stick with this one for my first few post =w=/ since I dunno what pic I will choose to make a header.

Almost forgot to say….

Welcome to my first dollfie blog!  Hope you all will enjoy! Feel free to comment 😀

Ps. You can contact me via twitter


( @unknowdata is my main account but I mostly tweet in thai, might be annoying for non-thai speakers ;w;)

flickr :

msn : ask via DM on Twitter 🙂

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