Who is ‘unknowdata/xdax_ipsp60’ ?

Non-geek Apple fanboy with a Nikon DSLR, who loves to takes series of figu pic (review). He always random lurking into many figu site, including Figurakuen (I really miss FR T_T) and Figure-Freedom (Figu forum in Thai, founded by unknowdata and his fellow figu friends).

The name unknowdata is his alias using in the most sites, xdax_ipsp60 is the alternate.

the name xdax_ipsp60 came from Xda + Xbox 360 + iPhone + PSP

His collection may varies depends on the situation, starts from Nagato Yuki, Hatsune Miku, Nendoroid, and then Touhou Project.

He got his first Dollfie Dream, DD Nagato Yuki, on late 2008. Now he owns three DD/MDD.

About this blog?

It will be focus on Dollfie Dream, including the WIP. Which will be slowly reveal.

Most/All of the pics are taken by unknowdata, using his Nikon D90.

Funfact! 90% of his friend, mis-spell his name. unknowndata insteads of unknowdata.

Another Blog/Contact?

xdaxipsp60 @ wordpress is Dollfie Dream blog, so here are the others..

unknowdata @ wordpress old blog, discontinued. moved to here and zh3us

unknowdata @ exteen most of my figu review will be post here, but I usually post more on Figure-Freedom.

unknowdata @ ameblo quiet blog…..

Unpackaged? @ wordpress zhu3s blog, joined by Papershot (Ederu) and unknowdata.

Twitter (Thai) my main Twitter account, 50% English 50% Thai. Follow this if you are okay with my non-english tweets sometimes.

Twitter (English only) less active, but less annoying. It’s a locked account, so might take sometimes before I accept all requests. For privacy purpose, Only non-Thai follower please, except if they are in Dollfie community.

Banner Trading/Blogroll

Drop me in the tweet or comment here please 🙂

edit: update 19/02/2011 – about twittter

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