New DD Body: Durability?

More like continue post from here: DD Body Comparison

We had a small DD meet-up today + Uncharted (PS3/Vita). It was quite fun actually! But until…

I get the DD body III (from DD Sakuya) out from the box, The right shoulder joint is loose…

So I removed the soft vinyl bust, and this is what it look like:



Can see that right joint is broke, and left joint is gonna broke not so soon. I was fear that this will happen to me so I leave the this body in the box and always use DD body II. Still, I can’t evade this mass defect….

Volks also selling this type of inner frame, but for DDS only. (I think, for now)

Wonder what caused this, Plastic get brittle after the change of room temperature? Why DD body II never have such a problem….

Will fix this later when I’m free.

One another problem, with MDD. Body with crazy pricing… This joint suffer from severe loosing. The doll can’t stand at all! , but no breaking part? I’m unsure…


Looking at Volks Option Part listing seems that there’s no MDD Foot Option parts selling, only DDS..

Worse case, I might have to buy a replacement body just for this joint!

I don’t think I will manage to buy the replacement body just yet. I think the money should go for something new, not to fix the old problem. Even if I pay for the new parts, they may broken again. Who knows?

So now I can conclude that DD body II is the best Volks body ever, but the rest are not durable at all!

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