DD Touhou Update 2

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Myon~ Myon~
This post is like a recap from my flickr for everyone who haven’t seen it. No time to take new one. ^^”

So the project continues just as planned…. trying to complete the Touhou 12.3 20 characters…. four more has come

The above pic is DD Mio cosplaying Youmu Konpaku from Touhou Perfect Cherry Blossom. Not really a final look btw…

Now here comes the problem, I gave my camera to my bro and left with a Sony compact.

The image quality is so-so, flash white balance is perfect, but noises are visible on the lowest ISO setting (64-100). Non-flash photos are no longer possible. Less fun to take the photos. blah blah blah…


Yuyuko and Suika arrived at the same time.

Then Sakuya arrived….
Yes. Two.


And the last is Suwako.

So now the Total is 14 (not including one same Sakuya)

The next batch expect to be done before the end of this year and it will be the last batch. Project drop date is set. Why?

1. Already covered the characters I really like.
2. Some Touhou characters hair styles are too complex, impossible to find the wig for sure.
3. $$$ issue. Free times.
4. Outfits can’t be mix0and-match. They are one-time-photo-session only.
5. I want to do more MDD Touhou, but I only have one MDD. And I fear that Volks might release MDD Remilia or etc etc etc….
6. Money were put into Touhou. No money for the rest. No accessory, No Doll stands, etc.
7.My DDs don’t really have casual outfits, not so good for doll-meetup.

I didn’t join the two Saber bandwagon either. No iPhone 4S. Better keep the wallet ready for the next Dolpa lol.

1 thought on “DD Touhou Update 2

  1. I really like your Suika Dollfie and of course the other as well. Wish I can do the same thing as you… admiring…

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