DD Sakuya Announcement

I can officially scream now!!!

Thanks Volks for releasing new Touhou DD again. Sakuya is surely stunning, but I have no money!!! ( T Д T)

I thought Volks already gave up on Touhou DD. What a bad luck bidding two custom heads a couple month before Volks reveal the secret.

Sakuya is on my custom list too, her outfit just done. But I don’t think I will contiune working to it. Will just grab the official.

Youmu was done, some of you might already saw the pics.

DD Touhou Count is now 11. DD Sakuya might be 12th, if I’m lucky enough to recharge my wallet in time >_<

Here is the link selling DD head, email me if interested iunknowdata gmail http://www.flickr.com/groups/dollfiedream/discuss/72157627092150346/


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