[Unbox] DD Saber Lily!!

Arrived!! From Santa!! (Volks!)
My friend asked me to help to get this DD Lily, and if I can get her, I will be temporary owner for sometimes. Not a bad deal at all. Instantly accepted the deal! :3

I applied to the After Event Lotto and Won the Doll and Avalon, missing the Maid Outfit. Not too bad. At least the doll is won.

Evil Payment Request, need to pay full amount in 24 hours after receiving the mail (Noo!) and Unexpected early shipping! I thought it will come on February!!?? How could I manage to pay the evil custom tax. (20% + 7%)

The tax could go up high to around (12000 baht) $400, while already paid Volks 42000baht… ouch!

Last week, Volks sent me two emails containing difference EMS numbers, but only one that’s traceable in Thailand. My friend (True owner of this doll) checked the another tracking number, telling that the destination is Singapore not Bangkok. So Volks sent me a wrong number, I though the Avalon shipping at the same time.

Got another mail, the Avalon just shipped a few days ago, expected to come here during the first week of January. Postage might be slow due to long Holiday in Thailand.

Sorry I can’t wait it anymore, Let’s unbox now!! While having an hour to spend on.

This is the amount of custom tax paid, cheaper than expected. Considered as Lucky.

The box was opened by some guys in custom office. Hope that things inside are okay >_>

Two white boxes inside, very interesting indeed. The smaller one should contain the Caliburn. Well, why Volks don’t just put it inside the big white box, so It won’t take up too much space >_>

And then include the Avalon or Maid outfit beside, so we can safe money on the shipping >_<

how they are look like inside bubbles

The sign of opening, can’t custom officer, shut the box properly? anyways, the Caliburn is safe and sound.

Will take a look at the Caliburn later, let’s continue.

Photos of the DD Saber Lily box

Officers love to play with Bubbles.

I did own DD Saber Alter, Lily packaging is wayyyyyy better. The first DD Saber box is great too, but I never see it with my Real eyes.

Almost forgot to mention the weight of the box, IT IS HEAVY! Almost four kilos. The Heaviest DD box I ever lift lol.

Let’s open the lid

Very careful bubbling,nice job Volks.

Concept note and Doll note. This one by far the most beautiful booklet I ever seen.

The doll head is so thickly packed, it may withstand  any worse incident. For example, Postman playing Jenga with this box.

Don’t really do that Mr.Postman! If you are reading my post 😛

Move my camera a bit to see the contents easier.

Under the body, Skirt and the inner.

The rest of items. And two white boxes.

Wonder what are inside these two boxes.

The small box contain the chest armor, it’s not made of cheap plastic. It has some weight, dunno what’s made off. But it’s strong, I believe.

Next, the real deal….

I never owned the first DD Saber so I’m a bit surprised! THIS IS AWESOME! but might take too much time for me to dress her properly.

From the previous pic…

Wig…. HANDLE WITH CARE, it can break. Don’t pull it too hard.

High-Heel Shoes


The body is Normal Skinned M-Bust. The most popular body type for most Dollfie Dream.

Her face..

Omg, so beautiful!

I can’t dress her today, not enough time. So let’s continue T^T.

Two hands (glove) and black joints for foot armors.

One of the best DD booklet!!

Concept note, containing information on DD body types, how to remove the head from the body, etc etc etc.


Very high detailed.

Worth $$$.

The retail price maybe expensive, but when it comes to the contents. I think it’s bargain. Getting one on Auction now might make me bankrupt today >_>

I will do the real photo session of Lily later, after I bring her to the proper place. I won’t stay here during the semester.

Might be sometime during the first week of January. I hope I can take good photos of her. I can’t wait anymore >_<

She will has a good stay with me for a month or couple months. Depends on the real owner decision>_< She can stay here forever!

btw.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!

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