Happy New Year 2011!

It’s the same New Year card I use on Thai Figu forum (figure-freedom)

The word under the red dash is ‘แกลบ’ on dictionary it’s this thing, but in Thai slang it means ‘no money’ or ‘poor’.

I crossed out that word, so it will mean wish you to have enough money for your hobbies. In the new year 2011.


I also made a several shots of moon and some stars, posted here



About what I did on 2010 compared to 2009


– Nendoroid Freak

– Camera Freak


– Touhou Freak

– DD (Touhou) Freak

– iPad Freak

What will happen in the 2011, I dunno. Planing to stop collect figu, yea maybe I will collect less.


This might be my last post of the year. Unless if I have an internet connection on my iPad. I will take a 2 days vacation start tomorrow.

Happy New Year 2011!!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2011!

  1. Heya happy new year. I think you’ll become a freaky freak this year. lol. :3

    Ps. My new year’s resol’n last year about stop collecting figures didn’t work, thus “slowing” down might work this year though I don’t have a list of my resol’ns.

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